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This Awesome Module Display's Before After Image On Mouse Over.This plugging presents the before and after photos. It's just so intuitive and simple. A very awesome module to show the images in the most simple way .Tested on IE6, 7, 8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


Installation of the Module is child Play First Buy this module, You’ll get a zip package named “mod_before_after_image”. Install it then go to the module manager fined Before after Image module.

Uses: After installation go to the backend of the module there are few options:

1-Image Folder Path: In this option you have to assign Image folder path default is(modules/mod_before_image_after/images). and now go to modules/mod_before_after_image. open folder named "images" put two images one for before and other for after.

2-Image Width: By this option Width of image can be set.

3-Image Height: By this option Height of image can be set.

some more options are there...


Back-end Setting :

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